Couples Therapy

The pain of alienation from within a couple is usually what brings people to therapy.  A heartfelt relationship can devolve, over time, into the drudgery of daily life: caring for the children, holding down the financial fort, overcoming challenges, maintaining ties with extended family, navigating sexual habits, losing a sense of novelty and of mutual discovery. Coming to terms with individual differences within the ever changing lives of the couple itself, can begin to appear too complex, too much work.  Arguing, stalemates, doubts ensue......

"Where do we go from here?" is usually the question at hand upon arrival in therapy.  And "how did we get here anyway?"  There isn't a universal answer, but chances are that you've been feeling cut off from each other, not cared for, not meeting in the middle where each others' needs, wants and desires can be willingly considered.  This is where the "third eye" of therapy can be useful.  I will become your co-seeker, your questioner, your external point of view who strives to not take sides, but instead, to examine with you, the missed possibilites, the deepening potential, the mutual oversights in your relationship.  Our time together can be challenging, but can also be a source of reassurance, a place to go for haven from the alienation of mutual silence, avoidance, secrets and paralysis.

CULTURAL and GENDER AWARENESS are key components in understanding the complexities of family-making in today's world.  Mixed marriages, gay unions, blended families, and unmarried couples are as much a part of the collective fabric as are any other forms of relationship.  It is my privilege to serve these broad and diverse populations, together with more tradtional unions, in helping to bridge the gap that arises within the struggles of such couples, and by extension, within the larger reach of the entire human family

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